FlexHydro Series

FlexHydro is a patented LED linear strip designed for direct and indirect lighting applications. Combining cable and LED technologies with design innovation to create a product range with superior features and performance.

Cut, Clip, Press.

Our design innovation means the system gives the user an easy experience. It’s easy to install and reliable once completed, no soldering is required and finished connections are robust and durable. It also means installation time is reduced making it more cost efficient on site or time efficient at home.

Clipping Simple

All our systems are completely encapsulated, something originally associated with tough outdoor applications. We saw the benefits of bringing that technology inside; easy to clean and maintain, suitable for any area including kitchen and bathroom. The design of our LED lenses mean temperature and beam remain constant in the encapsulated structure. More than that the strip is protected meaning its electronics are not exposed like other systems.

The range has options with high brightness of up to 1,000 lumen per meter, seamless and continuous length applications up to 20 meters by one single driver, waterproof (IP65) and energy efficient, UV and flame retardant as well as its flexibility to be cut and re-connected up to every 30mm.

FlexHydro series provides a range of easy to use connectors and mounting accessories that can be applied in both indoor and outdoor applications (IP65 rated).

Superior Brightness and Quality

Incorporating advanced LEDs to emit up to 1000lm/m and up to 50,000 hours of high quality performance. (Best in class among same features)


Well designed for installations in harsh environments and under water conditions.

Robust, Safe & Reliable

HydroFlex is tested with 200N/cm2 surface pressure test to guarantee product reliability.

Fire Retardant

Fulfilled glow wire flammability and heat test at 650C for 30 sec, the contact point ignited becomes non-combustible within seconds providing an extra level of fire safety for environments of higher fire risks.

Plug & Play connection system

Uses non-soldered connetions on an unbreakable flexible material to navigate corners easily.

UV Resistant

No degradation or discolouration in direct sunlight enhances product durability.


Seamless & Continuous length up to 20m with accessories allows easy installation and maintains IP rating after cut & re-connection.

Salt Water Resistant

Increased longevity in coastal and marine environments.

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