Nano Optics

Technology Overview

Industry leading size to efficacy ratio with interconnecting modules for indoor and outdoor use for the most easily configurable layouts. With unparalleled color over angle light consistency and less than 2 SDCM our precise beam control solutions allow for the most discreet optical designs in its class.

With IP67, our light engines withstand most atmospheric and environment conditions such as salt, ultraviolet light, direct power wash and most resistive to oxidative deterioration. Nano Optics Essentials ensures that the core of your luminaire ingress protection integrity is never compromised.

With 360 degree silicone encapsulation, Nano Optic Essentials is the environmental choice and the most durable elastomer for outdoor use enduring the highest range of fluctuation temperatures and longer life expectancy and is a recyclable material.

Platform Overview

Connectors (Optional) Featuring integrated connectors every 6‘/ 152mm allowing to cut and reconnect in the field.
Optics Silicone encapsulated LED's are equipped with miniature silicone optics in four distributions: 15°, 20°x45°, 45°x20° and Asymmetric.
Color Quality Features industry leading color consistency within 2 SDCM. Available in 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K at 80 CRI min.
Electrical Design Featuring onboard current regulation for consistent light output from start to end of run.
Structure Flexible and Rigid silicone encapsulated LED Light engine in less than .38''(9.6mm) in height. Rated for indoor or outdoor use.
Performance Up to 425lm/linear ft/304.8mm at 4.8W, 3500K.

Nano Optics Platform

What We Achieve

Industry leading in size to efficacy ratio at < 0.31”< 8mm tall.

Unparalleled color over angle consistency.

Hidden source illumination with powerful and precise beam control:
· 15° x 15°
· 20° x 45°
· 45° x 20°
· Asymmetric

IP67 and IP40 for interior and exterior luminaire design and extrusion systems.

Constant Current or Constant Voltage electrical design options.


5-year warranty.

<2 SDCM.

Efficacy: 83 to 105 lumens per watt.

Nano Optics™


Miniature & Powerful.

The smallest, patent pending, fully featured optical LED lighting platform of its kind, offered in 4 optic beam spreads for luminaire designers and manufacturers to realize the most aesthetically pleasing lighting designs.

Created for both indoor and outdoor applications, our light engines withstand any atmospheric and environmental conditions.

Nano Optics™ Essentials


Nano Optics™