With our innovative team of optical physicists, chemical engineering, lighting designers and supply chain partners, LiliBrand strives to create products and platforms that consider the future as much as the now.

Our technologies can be integrated into fixtures, or be used as stand alone light fixtures, creating an optimal solution in terms of ease of installation and functionality with minimal additional materials, deployment and labor costs in the production process.

LiliBrand’s mission is to create real and lasting value to our customers through our exceptional optical design, our patented and patent pending light engines hit the target every time with shaped directional beams, and chromaticity, correction in never before offered full packaged solutions that take the guesswork out for our customers and speed up production and time to launch.

Furthermore our solutions simplify their project management and supply chain with add on features, in some of the smallest self sustaining optical structures available in the world.

We believe in long-term relationships and to us, that means to consider our customers development and production experience, their pain points and shape our technologies to improve their processes and make them more profitable working within their values to deliver solutions that promote their brand promise.

We are providing a service as much as a technology solutions.




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