We Believe In A

Brighter Future

LiliBrand is a forward-thinking lighting technology company and manufacturer, providing OEM/ODM solutions to the lighting market. Our company’s capabilities span the design, engineering, and manufacture of linear luminaire light engines as well as full systems. Focused on market penetration through highly nurtured and cultivated business relationships, we seek to expand our customer partnerships with a vision to be a technology leader in the ever-evolving lighting industry. LiliBrand has created one of the industry’s most respected IP portfolios, with patents and other intellectual property rights encompassing materials, processes, applications, products and, manufacturing.

Sustainability is one of the key drivers behind our products: from the design, manufacture and distribution of our products to their performance once integrated by clients. Simply stated, our core designs reduce the amount of material used without sacrificing performance, light quality or durability.

With a deep history and understanding of the many challenges inherent to our clients, our turnkey products and innovations release the potential of existing lighting luminaires and fixtures while setting the standard for the luminaires of tomorrow.

LiliBrand’s approach allows for architecturally sensitive, resource efficient luminaires for general, ambient, task, and architectural applications in commercial and institutional spaces. We believe in a flexible innovation process with a science-backed foundation, allowing us the freedom to create and innovate and break new ground where other companies typically turned back. Our goal is to provide this new and untapped value to our customers.